Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the location of my seats?
The category of your match seating will be dependent on the hospitality package you have purchased.  Allocation of your exact seating will be undertaken on a full payment received basis and may not be available until closer to the match date.

Q: Is there priority seating for booking early?
Match seating will be allocated according to receipt of final payment of the hospitality package you have purchased.

Q: If I am a Stadium Member with access to match tickets am I able to purchase hospitality without a ticket?
Please contact All Blacks Hospitality.
New Zealand:  +64 9 304 0355

Q: Is my seat covered?
Stadiums will not guarantee any seat to be dry.  A covered seat may be subject to swirling winds and rain.  Please be prepared for all weather conditions.

Q: Am I able to collect my hospitality documentation at the ticket collection booth?
Due to the scale of this event no on-site collection is available.

Q: If more than one group want to be seated together after purchasing separately how can we assure this?
Please contact All Blacks Hospitality.
New Zealand:  +64 9 304 0355

Q: Are you selling tickets without hospitality?
We do not sell match tickets without hospitality.  Please contact the ticketing provider.  Ticketek or Ticketmaster.


Please refer to the stadium's terms and conditions on their websites regarding specific rules and regulations for patrons.  Links are provided from www.allblackshospitality.co.nz/nzlionsseries17‹ to each stadium website.

Q: How do I know which gate to enter?
Your match ticket will advise which gate to enter, however please also check your hospitality documentation as you will enter your pre-match venue first.  

Q: How do I find my seat?
Your ticket will provide the Gate, Aisle, Row and Seat Number.  If you are unsure the stadium will have staff on hand to assist.

Q: Can I bring in a guest in a wheelchair?
Please discuss with Victoria Hunt, Event Manager, All Blacks Hospitality.  
New Zealand:  +64 9 304 0355

Q: How do I gain mobility parking for my guest who is in a wheelchair?  Can I drop off a disabled guest at a specified gate?
Each stadium will have allocated mobility parking within their Traffic Management Plan.  Please contact the stadium for the location and procedure.  


Q: How do I know if hospitality is in the stadium where the match is being held or off site away from the stadium?
Where possible the location of the packages will be advised, however in some cases this is not known at this time.  For all offsite locations we have endeavoured to confirm spaces close to public transport.

Q: What time does the hospitality begin and conclude?
Please refer to the website where you will find an 'Itinerary' option.  Please open this link and you will be provided with an indicative itinerary relevant to the option you are considering.  These timings are subject to final confirmation.  All guests will receive final timing in their documentation.

Q: What entertainment is provided?
All Blacks Hospitality will provide an entertainment programme in each hospitality venue inclusive of (but not limited to) MC's, Guest Speakers and Musicians. 

Q: Are children allowed?
Our hospitality offerings are best suited to adults.  We do not offer a child price and strongly advise against children under the age of 15 in our venues.

Q: Will there be a chair for the elderly to sit on if the function is a stand-up cocktail function?
We strongly advise purchasing a seated hospitality option for the elderly which will ensure their comfort.  Stand-up functions do not guarantee a bar stool or chair for every person.

Q: What if it is bad weather - will I get wet?
The New Zealand Lions Series 2017 takes place during June and July.  These months are known for the weather to be unpredictable and there is a high chance of rain.  A covered seat (Category A & B) is located behind the stadiums dripline (the edge) however swirling and/or gusty wind means no seat can be guaranteed to remain dry.  Category C & D are not covered seats.  Umbrellas are not permitted to be used in your seat. 

Q: How far from the stage is my table?
Allocation of tables will be made in order of hospitality package being paid in full. 

Q: How will I find my table on arrival?
All Blacks Hospitality staff will ensure all clients are taken to their tables.  In addition table plans will be available in the reception area of all venues.

Q: Can I bring in gift bags for my clients?
Due to All Blacks and New Zealand Lions Series 2017 licensing regulations no gifts are to be brought in to hospitality venues.

Q: Can I get early access to my Suite to personalise the space with company branding and /or specific theming?
Please discuss with Victoria Hunt, Event Manager, All Blacks Hospitality.  
New Zealand:  +64 9 304 0355

Q: What furniture is available in the Suite?
Each Suite will be furnished.  Should you have specific requirements please discuss with us.

Q: How do I confirm my Boot Party number plate details?
Each plate has a limit of letters and numbers and in most cases we will use the company name under which the booking was made.  Should this differ please advise of your preferred name.

Q: Are there any gifts provided for my guests?
Commemorative gifts will be provided in some packages. 

Q: Can I purchase match souvenir programmes in the venue?
Each hospitality package will have complimentary match programmes available for guests.  Some packages include one per person and others are one per every five people.  Additional programmes will be available from programme sellers within the stadiums.

Q: Is there a merchandise store within in the hospitality venue?
There will not be a merchandise store within the hospitality venue however each stadium will have a number of stores for your convenience.

Q: Can I utilise the toilets and bar in the hospitality venue in-stadia during the match?
If your seating is directly in front of or inside the lounge you will be able to utilise the bar and toilets.  If you are departing your hospitality venue to seating within the stadium you will utlitise the stadiums facilities.  (This will mean in some cases purchases from concourse retail outlets.)

Q: Can I take food and beverage from the hospitality venue to my stadium seats?
Due to Health and Safety laws across all stadiums and venues you will not be allowed to take food and beverages into or out of hospitality venues.  If hospitality is not included in your package during the match you will be able to purchase from concourse retail outlets.

Q: Which packages offer seated hospitality at tables?
The Platinum Club, Presidents Club, Capital Club and Club Lounge*. 
*Limited offsite venues may include a mix of seated and stand-up.

Q: Which packages offer cocktail (stand up) bar leaner hospitality?
Boot Party, Footy Bar, Rugby Club.

Q: Will there be security & emergency services onsite?
All Blacks Hospitality will contract security and emergency service personnel.  Your safety and wellbeing is our priority.


Q: Is parking included in my hospitality package?
Parking is not included in your hospitality package.

Q: Is free transport included in my ticket?
Your match tickets provide free travel on public rail or special event buses where applicable in each city.  Please refer to the stadium website for specific traffic information.

Q: Where are taxi drop offs?
The stadium website will have details on specific taxi pick up and drop off points closer to the match date.

Q: How do I get to the stadium and how do I access my hospitality venue?
Your documentation will include details on how to access your hospitality venue.  We recommend the use of public transport to and from the stadium.

Q: How long should I allow to get to the stadium?
Due to the scale of this event it is our suggestion you look to arrive at the stadium well in advance of your hospitality opening time.  Congestion on all public roads, transport and perimeter facilities will be a factor in delayed movement.

Q: I need to bring my guests in by coach - what is the process and do I need to acquire a coach pass for a drop off?
Please liaise with the stadium directly and refer to each stadiums website for information on who to contact.  If you are granted coach accreditation your movements will be built in to the overall Transport Management Plan for each stadium.  If you do not plan ahead and request coach accreditation you will be turned away.


Q: Do you offer pricing for children for hospitality packages?
Child pricing is not available as hospitality environments are not conducive to having children attend.

Q: How quickly will I get a confirmation receipt of my online booking?
An automatic receipt will be generated and sent to your email address once the booking process has been completed.

Q: How do I confirm if my booking was processed?
An automatic receipt will be generated and sent to your email address once the booking process has been completed.

Q: Are hospitality purchases refundable?
Hospitality purchases are non-refundable.  Please refer to the Terms & Conditions detailed on this website.


Q: Is Food & Beverage part of the package?
Each hospitality package has food and beverage included, which will be in line with the type of product purchased.  Please refer to the product description on the website.

Q: Can I bring in my own food if I have dietary requirements?
You are not permitted to bring food in to our hospitality venues.  Please let us know if you have dietary requirements.

Q: How can I assure dietary requirements are met?
Please advise us well in advance of your dietary requirements.  We will endeavour to meet your needs.  If you are entertaining clients we suggest you discuss dietary needs with them as soon as possible.


Q: When will the hospitality documentation including match tickets be delivered?
Documentation and match tickets will be dispatched approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the match.  This distribution is subject to the receipt of match tickets.  Documents are dispatched via courier within New Zealand with a signature on receipt required. 

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